Disturbing Scene On The Links-Day 13-A Poem A Day

Disturbing Scene on The Links

Early in the season, I thought I would try

To swing my ol’ clubs to see by and by

 If my game was anywhere to be found

And if it was, happiness would abound

 Spring was in the air and oh it was some nice

As it tried to exert power over snow and some ice

 snow on golf course

Out I went, not many others around

Played all alone and in that I found

 That once in a while golfing solo is fine

However, then it’s easier to cross a line

 Where one might be more restrained when playing with friends

On your own, with bad shots, the cursing never ends

 When half way round it was clear I was doomed

Looking forward to relief, I had presumed

 Any moment, I’d find one and when I did, it was so hard

To see a long-awaited convenience and it’s barred

Convenience barred