Extreme Winter Sport-Do Over Sudoku

Sudoku is a once in a while thing for me
Summer-forget it-so many places to be

The puzzle is fine….as long as I get it
If I mess up, I chuck it and say forget it

It’s then been a waste of my time I deduce
Trying to pry those pesky numbers loose

But this inhospitable winter weather is getting my goat
I am staying inside much more than reaching for my coat

In chatting with friends they told of puzzle in the paper just now                                                                         Five stars and special codes to crack from people who knew how

Into the re-cycle I went and retrieved the five-star game
I tried it once, failed and said “this is lame”

I looked on the internet for clues on puzzles tough
Their hints were written in a way to make it more rough

Why can’t people write in language some plain
Instead they want to, on our Sudoku parade, rain

Rule of K or Rule of Necessity they do give lip
I looked briefly and gave the whole thing the slip

I tossed the puzzle back into the box black
But this morning once again to the container went back

And ERASED the errant answers from yesterday’s attempt
A challenge was needed, winter’s got me verklempt 

I ciphered and cogitated, this failure, it mars
And in the end solved that sucker with five stars

Author: Unknown

Do you have things you do only in winter?  Like a do over on a Sudoku?