One of my (many) weaknesses, is, at times, I take things just as they present themselves without cogitating enough.  And sometimes I give voice to my ill-informed thinking without mulling things over in my head.  This makes for teasing fodder that just never ends.

True Stories

Tommy No Se Picker

Years ago I saw a shirt in a sports store.  It looked very similar to the Tommy Hilfiger shirts of the time.  I said to my family, who were in the store too (unfortunately). “Look at this shirt.  What the heck is Tommy No Se Picker?”  They pointed out that it was Tommy Nosepicker.  And they have never forgotten that one.


Yesterday a friend and I attended a travel presentation on China.  It was given by another friend who is an avid photographer and traveler.  With one of the slides, he said “and for the fujiologists in the crowd-here’s a xxxxx”.   My brain was stuck on fujiologists.  What the heck do fujiologists do?  Then I connected my friend’s profession and it dawned on me.  

“And for the few geologists in the crowd”.

Fortunately I never said this one out loud.  But I supposed putting in a blog is pretty much the same thing.

Tell me-have you had similar experiences?