Pasadena in October

We journeyed to Los Angeles (L.A.)  last month.  It was Pasadena to be exact.  One of us went to the Woodworking In America conference.  The other one enjoyed some good long walks around downtown Pasadena.  Pasadena is 16 km northeast of downtown L.A.     Here are a few pictures in and around downtown Pasadena.  It’s a clean city with very wide streets and a number of places to do some sight-seeing within a few kilometre radius.   If you are ever down that way a couple of places we would recommend visiting are the Huntingdon Library and Gardens and the Gamble House.     Have you been to Pasadena or LA?  What would you recommend visiting?

I flew from Barcelona to Pasadena and found out I could have just gone to Barcelona in Pasadena:

Outside some back alley shops:

The courtyard of the Pacific Asia Museum: