Quilting-The Twelve Step Program

Until recently I thought I was a quilter.  I have a sewing machine and many quilting tools and a nice little fabric stash.  My friend Caroline and I have taken several classes together over the years.  During a recent class I had an epiphany.  I am not a quilter.  I am a class taker.  It starts and stops there.  I hope this will change over time but here’s the pattern we have observed-oddly enough it’s a twelve step program. 

  1. Notice a class and like the sounds of it
  2. Get excited about the class and the mythical outcome
  3. Ask the quilting ladies at the quilting shop- “how much homework?”.  They say “not much”
  4. Get the class instructions and supplies list.  Don’t look closely at the instructions
  5. Shop for fabric-very exciting-still on a high
  6. Look closely at the instructions-what?  You have to do a lot of things ahead of time?!
  7. Pack ALL the stuff you need and schlep off to class
  8. The quilting instructor is very nice and very accomplished
  9. There’s homework.  You realize the quilting ladies, nice as they are, lie
  10. You think-why did I sign up for this-so much work!!!
  11. You come to end of the class-hey that’s not so bad-but there are things to be finished after the class
  12. The items becomes a UFO in your closet (Unfinished Object)  

You may or may not be a quilter but perhaps you have taken classes or courses and then …well things wither on the vine-or in a heap in the closet.  Is our experience unique or are we among friends?