I Had No Idea I’d Have So Much To Say

As a small dog, well puppy, really, I had no idea I had so much to say when I first started this guest blog. I thought I might blog once or twice.  On the other hand I have a short attention span and this might be the last of my insights before I go home. What I’ve really enjoyed and been so surprised by in the past few days are the numbers of comments to my blogs from humans and dogs.  I am thinking if dogs are this friendly online then perhaps I should consider being more sociable when I meet them face to face.

Today I want to write about eating (again), clothing design for dogs and evidence based veterinary medicine and my incredible assistance around this house.  I haven’t really thought a lot about these things but being in this new, temporary environment has brought fresh thinking. 

  1. Eating: my breakfast was served entirely in this ball affair, a kong they say.  I have to roll the thing around until the kibble falls out.  It’s not easy as the thing rolls under the sofa and down the stairs.  Humans don’t need to chase their food around on the floor until something falls out.  Not fair.  On the other hand I seemed to be full afterward and didn’t whine for more food.  Maybe it’s because it took me longer to eat.
  2. Clothing design: who in the world designs dog clothing?  Well humans of course but do they ever consider things from a dog’s perspective.  Take dog boots for example.  I can see why they’ve been made but really did anyone consult a design engineer or an ergonomics specialist?  I have 4 boots and they are hard to put on and the humans never do them up right for they come off after a few minutes.  They have poor traction.  Haven’t you guys ever heard of Yaktrax?
  3. Evidence based veterinary medicine: one of my temporary masters has a bit of knowledge about evidence based medicine (EBM) for humans and she was asking me if the same existed for animals.  I was looking around and it seems that there is nowhere near as much EBM in veterinary medicine.  And that’s plain wrong, on so many levels.  For all the resources that go into animal care in the developed world, you’d think somewhere there would be a push for information that is evidence based and gives the straight good on cost effectiveness.  I may start a campaign.  There should be databases where veterinarians and owners could look up things and know how much objective evidence exists for  a certain treatment or intervention.  
  4. Helping around this house.  It snowed a great deal last night and I did enjoy a romp in fresh snow but today I am mostly napping.  I did help with the Globe and Mail Crossword.  They say I wasn’t all that much help but I think keeping someone company is always a help.
Who is the Norse goddess of death?  Let me think.
Who is the Norse goddess of death? Let me think.