Garth’s Garage “Always Open”

Our friend Garth lives in central Saskatchewan, Canada. He does not have a blog site and I asked him if he would like to post a story about one of his passions-his garage and shop. And here it is:

About 2 years ago, my wife and I decided to build a new house. We had lived in our summer cottage since selling our house in town and although it was a nice cottage, as a full-time house it left a few things to be desired. I jumped at the opportunity because this meant a chance to build a new garage and design a new shop. I am an amateur auto restorer and I spend a lot of time in my shop. So, with the house and the garage finished it was time to set up my new shop. I make a lot of dust and dirt in my shop and my wife likes “her side” to be clean so:


The answer of course is my shop with all of my tools and my current project, a 1968 Camaro in residence.


It has many of the amenities of a good shop, ample space (16 feet by 30 feet), a furnace, a ventilation fan and lots of fluorescent lights. It also has a bench which I built out of two old but solid kitchen tables. I added drawers and shelves so everything has a place.


It also has a picture of a very nice toy. And a custom clock that my daughter, son-in-law and grandson gave me for Christmas.


The caption at the bottom of the picture reads “The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”. No doubt this is true and my wife is very tolerant of my “holes in the shop that I pour money into”.


This is a picture of the current “hole”, a 1968 Camaro in need of much work. I enjoy the work very much and it has made sure that I am never bored in my retirement. Are you retired? What is your hobby?

Another Prince Edward..this time, the Island

One weekend we were in Prince Edward County in Ontario and the next weekend we were in Prince Edward Island (PEI), one of ten and the smallest of provinces in Canada.  Its area (just under 220 sq. miles) and population (just over 140,000 in total) means you can see a lot in a short time and while it is very busy in summer, early June is just before the really busy season.

We have been to PEI several times over the years and always during spring and summer months.  From those visits we have an image of an island that is predominately a green, idyllic rural landscape.  We know there’s some tough weather in other seasons.  It is the home of the author Lucy Maud Montgomery and there are places to visit remembering Anne of Green Gables throughout the province.  

Recipe for a idyllic stay in an idyllic setting:

  • Join cherished friends some who travel to, some who live in the province
  • Take time to enjoy a leisurely drive around at least some of the island
Red soil-ideal to grow potatoes
Red soil-ideal to grow potatoes




  • Stay at one of the independently run hotel/cottage/B&B establishements.  We stayed at Kindred Spirits Cottages.   There were seven of us sharing a 3 bedroom cottage.  It was great.  There was enough room for everyone to spread out a bit, a nice deck and our own private hot tub.  
  • Stop for lunch at a small cafe. We stopped at the Landmark Cafe in Victoria, PEI.  The menu is very interesting and everyone enjoyed their meals. While we just happened upon the cafe we discovered it has been recommended in “Where to Eat in Canada:.  Across the street is the local playhouse.


  • Buy your seafood from an outlet on the wharf and cook your own very fresh lobster and mussels.  Our hosts at Kindred Spirits Cottages put a lobster pot on our back deck.  

    One of our in-house chefs
    Garth, one of our in-house chefs
  • Invite your friends, born and bred talented islanders over for dinner/.  Hope he brings his guitar.  Sit back and reflect on the entire experience and how it fills up your soul.
We were delighted Fred brought his guitar
We were delighted Fred brought his guitar and his voice

Have you been to PEI?  If so, what were the highlights of your visit.  If not, what would you like to see?