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Witticism in Few Words

Some days you can look and look for a greeting card that is just right and you come up empty.    Or you could choose a card thinking it was so very witty or fitting and find the recipient didn’t … Continue reading

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Paying homage to my gut (reaction)

The Lead-Up History: Over the years I have not always paid attention to any visceral responses I have to situations or decisions.   It’s easy enough to talk yourself out of a gut reaction and try to rationalize your way to … Continue reading

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Competition-nature vs nurture

This is a true story.   About being competitive.   Well, it’s about me being competitive-not in everything and not all the time but I do have a streak running through me.  I’ve been thinking about where that comes from…the … Continue reading

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We all age at the same rate

On the subject of maturity Many many years ago I recall saying, well perhaps whining, to my wise aunt that I was getting old. The way I put it, it must have sounded as if I was the only person … Continue reading

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