Siri, the Accordion and Me

You are likely familiar with stories, perhaps from a movie or a book, where a human connects with an avatar or a computer generated semblance of human form.  There are stories of people leaving their human spouse to marry an avatar.  That’s not my story but recently I did find myself feeling some kinship with Siri, the voice activated assistant on my iPad.  Apple says of Siri “Its wish is your command”.  

On days when I think I have extra coordination, I use the metronome installed on my iPad to see if it’s at all possible for me to keep time.  During one practice recently when I had made my umpteenth mistake, the metronome app got tired and went to sleep.  Rather than waking up the metronome, in error I pressed the button that activates Siri.  Up came the little wavy bit with a phrase along the lines ‘how can I help you?’.  I said “Siri, help me play the accordion”.  And Siri’s reply?  “I’m sorry.  That’s beyond my capabilities at the moment.”  Me too, Siri, me too.

P.S. I have moved on from expecting a mistake free, anywhere close to the right tempo version of La Donne E Mobile to learning Oh Susanna.  Currently I play it at the tempo of a death march.  



Canadian Tulip Festival 2014

Although warmish spring weather has been reluctant to show itself around Ottawa, the delay has made the timing of the Canadian Tulip Festival and the tulip display a perfect match.  The festival runs May 9-19th.  My friend and I went for a stroll through the tulips yesterday. The sun was shining making the display particularly pretty.   The beds of flowers and perennials at Dows Lake are beautiful and things are at the early end of their glory.  This year there are some outdoor sculptures/art interest features to add to the interest on your stroll through along the paths.  It is lovely to live close enough to the tulip festival to enjoy its beauty every year.




Simply Biscotti…Without the Calories (no. 16)

It was trying to be a fairly nice day today.  Our spring is slow to start.  I waited for the showers to pass and took a bike ride to Simply Biscotti on Preston St.  Three years ago I began a project to eat my way through their delectables counter. I just re-read my first blog where I said my knowledge of blogging and waistline would grow together.  I have achieved the latter.

While I’ve been there for coffee over the past months, I haven’t always indulged in a treat.  Today, I had a coffee and a little visit with Rosa, the owner.   While I didn’t eat I did take a few pictures and think the little flower pots made of fondant with wafer flowers on top look worth a go.  

Anyone out there want to join me for a little flower pot treat sometime soon?