Simply Biscotti…Without the Calories (no. 16)

It was trying to be a fairly nice day today.  Our spring is slow to start.  I waited for the showers to pass and took a bike ride to Simply Biscotti on Preston St.  Three years ago I began a project to eat my way through their delectables counter. I just re-read my first blog where I said my knowledge of blogging and waistline would grow together.  I have achieved the latter.

While I’ve been there for coffee over the past months, I haven’t always indulged in a treat.  Today, I had a coffee and a little visit with Rosa, the owner.   While I didn’t eat I did take a few pictures and think the little flower pots made of fondant with wafer flowers on top look worth a go.  

Anyone out there want to join me for a little flower pot treat sometime soon?




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8 Responses to Simply Biscotti…Without the Calories (no. 16)

  1. Penny Hoffman says:

    ME! I would love to come and do that. How about 2pm tomorrow? Meet you there! Go ahead and order for me in case traffic is tight. C U !

  2. Hah, very funny. I hear traffic is tight as you speed through Winnipeg, across Manitoba and all of Ontario from the west to the east. If you aren’t here by 2pm I’ll eat my selection and if you aren’t here by 2:15pm then I’ll eat yours too.

  3. Pat Allen says:

    I’d love to join you. Macaroons have become a favourite in the Allen family also.

  4. my favourite flower pot treat was mud pudding you made a long long time ago for someone’s birthday, can’t recall whose. We were in your back yard

    • You have a good memory. It’s called dirt cake and is made in a flower pot. I think the ingredients include chocolate and maybe vanilla puddings, whipped cream and oreo cookie crumbs. The top has a good sprinkling of the cookie crumbs. Ah, yes and then you place gummy worms throughout with a few showing on the surface. We still have the pot and trowel that were used just for dirt cake. Makes me think we should make it again some time.

  5. S0A 2BO says:

    This was Claire’s favorite birthday cake , I have the recipe ,. I never liked making it ! B

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