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From Canada to Ukraine

Much too many years ago we had “new neighbours” move in next door to us in Regina, Saskatchewan.  They were, in short order, very dear friends and we learned, the best neighbours anyone could hope to have.  I remember thinking, at … Continue reading

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Don’t Cry Because It Is Over, Smile Because It Happened

One of our dearest friends has died He faced a relentless disease with optimism, courage and grace  In the face of a reality that could have been consumed by despair He rose above, giving and receiving love and support  The … Continue reading

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Witticism in Few Words

Some days you can look and look for a greeting card that is just right and you come up empty.    Or you could choose a card thinking it was so very witty or fitting and find the recipient didn’t … Continue reading

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Simply Biscotti and Betty’s Tea Room (Part II)

What do Betty’s Tea Room in York, England and Simply Biscotti, the coffee/bakery bistro in Little Italy in Ottawa, Ontario in common? Since I visited both within the past three weeks, thought I’d do a bit of an account of each the two days-mostly done through … Continue reading

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An Excellent UK Adventure

There’s a song that begins with the phrase: I love to go a wandering The reason things have been a bit quiet on this blog is the past 2 weeks I was hiking in England.  Four of us (women friends) … Continue reading

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Ella’s Tree

Chance Made Us Neighbours-Hearts Made Us Friends Eight years ago today my dear friend Ella died. Over twenty years ago, in another city and another time, we had new neighbours move in next door.  Our daughter, a single child, was … Continue reading

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