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One of my (many) weaknesses, is, at times, I take things just as they present themselves without cogitating enough.  And sometimes I give voice to my ill-informed thinking without mulling things over in my head.  This makes for teasing fodder … Continue reading

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Splinters, an Odd Name and Missing Papers

The Theory It’s a marvel.  How events in one portion of life seem to repeat in another form at another time and place.  But the premise is the same.  This true story is about how things work to the surface. … Continue reading

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Opposite Directions

One Sunday morning, not so very long ago, I went to church.  Going to church is something I have done with decreasing frequency over the past several years.   In the afternoon of that day I finished Christopher Hitchens‘ book … Continue reading

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Warning Light: Anti-Freeze

I have a theory about a human “anti-freeze” phenomenon .  It is based on my experience with winter and living my entire life in the northern hemisphere.  Those of us who live where the snow falls and temperatures can drop … Continue reading

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Simply Biscotti #10

My plan to eat my way through the dessert counter at Simply Biscotti is still in play.  I met friends there recently and we each enjoyed a sweet after lunch.  Two of chose the  dacquoise, one of their new desserts. … Continue reading

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A (Perverse) Benefit of Life Beyond Full-Time Work

This is a true story: When one is beyond full-time, flat-out office work, you may partake in a more lingering lunch with friends….during the week. You may slip and fall on your rear but you can go home without feeling … Continue reading

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