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Extreme Winter Sport-Do Over Sudoku

Sudoku is a once in a while thing for me Summer-forget it-so many places to be The puzzle is fine….as long as I get it If I mess up, I chuck it and say forget it It’s then been a … Continue reading

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A Portable Musical Instrument

Yesterday I purchased a portable musical instrument.  It’s an instrument some like to ridicule.  An eye roller to some.  It’s the instrument our mother played.  I don’t recall how she came to play it.  Perhaps it was her Polish heritage … Continue reading

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There’s An App For That

It is a truth ( to use my friend Mike’s saying) that everything takes longer than you think.  And sometimes you just need to laugh about how long some things take when they should take no time at all.  Laughing … Continue reading

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Wads Of Weather Warnings

It is the middle of winter.  I was whining about a stretch of cold weather only a few days ago but wait…..can we have that weather back, please?  This morning we are advised there are three weather warnings for our … Continue reading

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It’s A Mean -40

It is the dead of winter here in Canada, the second coldest country in the world.  There has been bitterly cold weather in many parts of the country.  While we don’t live in the coldest part of the country, we’ve … Continue reading

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