The Place You Were Formed

It is the same for almost everyone, I’d bet.  When you have moved away from the place where you grew up (my sister jokes she has always lived in the same postal code) and you return home, it’s a wonderful experience.  I blogged about a trip home to the province of Saskatchewan last year.  Another trip this year was to attend the reunion of my College of Pharmacy class and then some driving around the province to see family and friends.  All those loved ones.   It was a big number, this reunion.  We are, as far as we know, the only class from the College of Pharmacy in its 100 year history who has held a reunion every 5 years since graduation.  

The campus of the University of Saskatchewan is a beautiful place and it doesn’t get any better than being there on a warm September afternoon.  

The Thorvaldson Building
The Thorvaldson Building
Inner passage in the new health building
Inner passage in the new health building
The Bowl
The Bowl
View from a boat cruise on the mighty Saskatchewan
View from our boat cruise on the South Saskatchewan river

The boat cruise made me think of a song by the Arrogant Worms “The Pirates of Saskatchewan”.  

Harvest was in full swing when I was ‘home’.  It’s a bumper crop this year, some say the crop of a lifetime.  My 91-year-old Uncle Albert called it “two crops in one”.  For my part I loved to see the combines on the land, the hauling machinery and the size of those machines.  Much different from the 60’s and 70’s when I operated the machinery on our farm in Saskatchewan.  Many of the pieces of machinery now cost the same as a very comfortable single family dwelling.  How in the world do they make a living with such costs?

I loved that trip home to Saskatchewan, where the skies are bigger than anywhere else, the place where I was formed.  

6 thoughts on “The Place You Were Formed

  1. The river pic is from your boat cruise is gorgeous! I can really see why you get nostalgic for Saskatchewan. I don’t get nostalgic so much for my home town of Kitchener-Waterloo but I do miss at times missing all the family “dos” as most of my family still live there. That is why last week was such a treat when my best buddy from Grade 9 came to spend a few days with me!!

    Sounds like a wonderful trip “home”, Barb. It so much explains where your gardening passion comes from!


    1. You are so right. It’s the family get togethers you miss when you no longer live close to “home”. The dinners long ago on a cool fall or cold winter Sunday where there was so much cooking the windows steamed up. The kids made too much noise. The men gathered in the living room and the women…well, in the kitchen.

      Thank you for the note Sally. It’s nice to know who is out there taking a moment to read the blog.

  2. You travel much further than I for pharmacy reunions. I attended our 35th (OMG!!) at the end of September in Toronto. Our class has met quite regularly as well thanks to a few who take on the job of organizing every 5 years! I’ve not attended them all but was happy to see everybody again. About 70 of a class of 120 turned out. Some have changed a lot; others not so much! Thanks again for keeping your blog up Barb.

    1. You had a very good turnout. We only had about 1/3 of our class return. Yes indeed, some people look pretty much the same and some don’t. Thank you for the comment about my blog. I really appreciate it.

  3. I loved Saskatoon and U of S. The pictures make me remember the wonderful times at U of S. Some of the best years of my life. The Ag Grads put special effort in the 10 year reunions held every January. I only attended one, my 30th in 1999.

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