Squidge Statistics

It’s -35 with the wind this morning so what’s a dog to do but reflect on his stay-cation   When I was on my short but efficient walk this morning (you know what I mean), I thought about what I could give the human for blog material.  When we got home, I sat down and stared at her till she agreed to blog for me.

Remember to blog about these points!
Remember to blog about these points!
  • 13/17-that’s how far along I am in this visit.  76% complete.  Only 4 days till I see my owners!  Of course I have no concept of time so here they tell me that I’ll see them really soon and I am satisfied with that.
  • 44-number of walks (give or take a few)
    • 176-number of boots that had to be put on my legs for those walks
    • 40-number of walks where one or more of those stupid boots came off and coincidentally the number of times the humans talked about how they should invent something that works and I secretly thought perhaps it’s the humans who don’t know how to pull on the boots correctly
    • 6-number of times the humans didn’t notice the boot had come off during a night walk and they had to go back out with a flashlight
  • 31-games of fetch inside
  • 1-a very exciting one!-I spotted a rabbit on our block last night!  It was so exhilarating!  I barked and pulled on my leash with all my might and wished for a leash malfunction.  That rabbit was scared out of its wits.  It kept running in circles.  I think that’s because it knows I have the heart of a lion and am an intrepid hunter. Hands down, this is the most excitement I’ve had in all my time here.  
  • 20-number of meals where I was fed in that blasted yellow ball and had to chase it around till the food fell out.  I’ve started to pick the ball up and bounce it on the floor and that usually produces some food.  Rolling the ball over to the stairs and pushing it downstairs sometimes works but then I have to go downstairs and bring it back up.  The past while she’s been hiding food in different places too and I have been hunting for it.  I know the rabbit sensed my killer instinct, sharpened by hunting for food here in the house.  Frankly, I’d rather they just put my food in my bowl. 

This all said.  The stay-cation has been okay so far.  I have discovered I have a literary side (didn’t even know about blogging before I arrived here),  I listen to CBC (I’ve learned there is a Canada Writes contest and think I will enter when I get home.  Dogs are not prohibited from entering.  I read the rules.) and I watch Hercule Poirot on PBS in the evening.  I hear I am going to have a bath shortly.  Given the lack of proficiency these people have displayed in putting on dog boots, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the bath scenario.



Writer in residence


6 thoughts on “Squidge Statistics

  1. Dear Squidge (aka “cutest dog ever”) — You obviously need some “pawccasins” with idiot strings that go around your adorable little body to hold them on. I can see a patent potential here…

  2. You know Squidge that they say people start looking like each other the longer they live together…I do believe that applies to yourself and your hostess. Those big deep brown eyes remind me so much of ‘her’ in her earlier years….interesting. You may also have picked up some hunting instinct through osmosis as I know that those humans have done some hunting of their own in the past.

    As for writing for CBC I do believe there is potential there…”Wags from the Tail”, “Paws for Thoughts”, or ” A Dog’s Log” might be apt titles.

    Give yourself a good good shake just before the towel is wrapped around you when they take you out of the tub….it will make a human squeal every time.

    Keep warm. Keep that food ball rolling.


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